Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Abandoned Farms

This album can be found here.


1. Red as the Blood We Bleed Out
There's a red barn burnin' and it smells darn good,
Like autumn's final catch; Breeze breathes cleansing breath. 
There's nothin' left but the steed, Kickin'/Nayin', 
I'm sayin', "He burst out the stable in a cloud of fiery dusk."

There's a barn goin' up, it smells of shit and rust
But the paint couldn't be cleaner, red as the blood we bleed out
There's no one here to see it...
I guess it'll just be me,
I guess, I guess,
Till the fiery dusk sets, till the shit pig rests.
Yeah: Sandy beaches, Cliffs of gold. 
There's no water, 
But that cloud in your eye it might shower some good,
So maybe you should if you would,
I think you could.

2. Frogs of Men (Cooling Pie)
Me and my girl, we're skimmin' stones across the water.
Across the murky, algae infested waters.
Frogs hop around but once they fall,
The mother fuckers are dead.
They're never comin' up for breath again.
Just like our fallen fathers, just waitin' underneath the ground
They got a conscience, 
Its called our god.
The eye in the sky/that pie sittin' on the window seal.
It's all mine.

3. Rich Kids Run the World
Rich kids run the streets at night,
Until the morning light takes over.
Rich kids run the cars at night,
Cruising the main strip flashing their brights

Small town America ain't ever gonna burn down.
No one has the torch. 
No one has the light.

Poor kids have the day to play,
But the sun never seems to come up.
Poor kids are shut up indoors,
Hidin' from the uncontrollable: 
The ever roarin' night.

4. Logic and Rationality in a Bomb Shelter Economy
Down in the shed there's a bomb shelter,
And there's plenty of space for me and my kids,
But don't think: 
Just 'cause you know me, you can hide out in the world below me.

There's plenty of time to save your own family,
So get a bottle of water from the kids down the street
And you can ration your next week,
And bet you're all dehydrated and hungry.
Thats the place to be:
The last fuckin week
That's societies comin' together to lose its mind.
That's everybody plannin' to die.
But we planned for this,
But now we're all in the shit?
Not me and my family, we're just fine
We got a bottle of wine with dinner from now until we die.
It's like a Walmart cramped up in my crawl space.
It's like, "Its just a little bit claustrophobic." 
And now, Little Billy's suffering,
But that's okay because it'll have to do.
Natural selection will always bring the truth,
To our exsistence, to our meaning, and the truth:
it's so overdue
Goodbye little Billy, you're time's overdue.

5. What an Associate's Degree Means (Drug Lord Jesus)
Brains blown on the porcelain like a paintin'.

6. Spray Down the Coffins (Gun Up Your Butt)
Taste dream as I beam a ray your way (taste a dream as I beam away).
No one moves from this place.
No, they stay until they are done.
And it don't take long, 
Someone dies every so often.
They throw out the bodies,
Spray down the coffins.
Make 'em feel at ease with the cold, midnight breeze.

Someone's gonna die tonight
Someone brought a gun tonight
Snuck it past security, pulled it up from inside
"Man, that's a nice peace sign,
It's got a little bit of shit on it, 
But that's alright."

7. The Street Blinded Me/You
The cat's in the street.
The people don't forgive me for anything.
So I ran 'em all down:
Shit kickin'/Butt drippin'
No one has a need,
No one brings a thing.
It's all life or death on the streets.
It's all life or death on the hot concrete.
I'm not the same as I was last week.
No, I got a machete from the hunting/sport goods store,
Whatever it's for:
I don't feel a thing.
Murderin' is just another way to do what I need to.

Some carcass layin' dead there.
Oh wait, it's limpin towards me.
Movin' so slow the both of us don't know
What's goin on?
Maybe him more than me.
But I still can't see: 
The Street gave me everything, 

8. Never Bring Me Back to This Place
Ocean Rover, won't you take me down, 
Across the Atlantic into the Pacific via the Indian
On the back of Africa 
Sinking in the oceans: 
It's Australia, Japan, Russia, 
Alaska: let it fall, 
Florida, New Orleans and everything is sinkin' down.

California is now the ocean floor.

Ocean Rover, won't you take me back over
The Pacific through the Indian, 
'Cross the back of Africa
Into the Atlantic,
Take me into outer space
Never bring me back to this place,
I said, Never bring me back to this place.

9. Someone's Got Mine (Climactic Problems)
Sandy leaves, 
Dust flyin' from you feet.
That's: one, two, three
That's what I count to before I'm done
Someones gonna have to come:
Me or you or both,
But that's improbable 
My lover told me so.
No one's comin' home at 5 o'clock.
Its just you,
On the phone
On a hot line
Sayin', Hey hows it goin'?
Someones got mine.
My baby's gone on.
It's like she's retired
It's like I'm retarded 
I can't even speak,
(I'm the one cant you see!)
Someone's got mine,
Someone took mine.
I guess I'll get back in line.

10. Open Arms (In Closing)
Yeah I got
Five acres of land,
Two spotted cows 
With four left hands,
Cliffs of golden sand.
My mights down in the dirt of the earth!

I'm a siren song, lost but always found
Time comes back to me.

"Dead man bleedin' in the Marlboro parking lot
There's no feet leavin' tonight
Bury your dead in time.
Let the flesh rot until you smell the soul.
An' then you'll know,
Uncle Jeves is comin' home.
Mars ain't that far away;
He can be there 
on the double."

"Someone ripped my heart out and stomped on it in a New Mexico desert.
On the way up from Mexico, just tryin' to get up North.
Montana farms meet me with open arms."

Monday, March 19, 2012

Traps & Trumps lyrics

This album can be found here. 

1. Trapped & Trumped...The Mundane Existence of Our Holy One

2. The White Light Burns at a Nonexistent Height (Blue Mint Mountain)
Blue Mint Mountain: Chew him down,
Traps 'n' trumps, traps 'n' trumps.
Burn another cigarette: Light it up,
Traps 'n' trumps, traps 'n' trumps.
Whistle blows steam: The tracks end at me
Traps 'n' trumps, traps 'n' trumps. 
Join the team: The team ends with me,
Traps 'n' trumps, traps 'n' trumps

Trump your friend,
Trap him down,
Twist and bend 'til he can't see the light
(The White Light).
Blue Mint Mountain: Chew him down.

3. Not Enough to Get Me Stone Cold Kumbaya High 
Too much pride,
Too much consolation.
Too much inspiration,
Not enough insulation.
Too much veneration,
Not enough ventilation.
Too much jealousy,
Not enough time to eat.

Too many women
Too many people sinnin'
Too much hope,
Too much pride
Optimism bit your eye.
Not enough, not enough: To get you by or high
Not enough to buy your fuckin' high

Too much people,
Too much steeple.

Too many cats,
Too many baseball bats.
Playin' games in the street
While a police man passes,
He's just on a Sunday afternoon drive
Just drivin' by
Stone Cold high.

4. The Dude Feud

5. Fire in the Rain (Bright Angry Red Light)
Just dirt on the ground,
No grass cover here.
So thick,
It bleeds underneath.

The Earth's hair's gone.
Hope shovels heaping needs.
Our race erased from the page,
A single note played.

Squealing missles echo: Shine.
Bright angry red light, bright angry red light.

Our skin burns all the same,
All of our cultures drain into the same pipes.
Down into the center of the Earth, center of the Earth.

Burnin', churnin', deservin':
We earned nothing. We owe nothing. We are nothing...
To the eye in the sky,
Fire in the rain.
Gas burns yellow,
Same as sugar cane.
We lost the game that was given
from the eye in the sky.

To the eye in the sky,
Fire in the rain, Fire in the rain.

6. A Pink One
My mom ran away when I was just 16.
She drank heavily: Drained every bottle in every box.
My brother pawned the house and now I'm on the street.
I guess it's what I need, now I'll never sleep.

Dreams of the past:
Pacin' in the basement.
Giant insects bite my knees and crawl into my heart.
10 left fingers in the octagon,
With the mastodon:
Blazed to pieces in the back of a truck.
All right ones gone 'cause they're stuck in the steel rung. 

Saw my father in the dirt: He dug a tunnel of rebirth.
There's no place for him in the light.
His feet don't like the heated ground: the ground that brought him down.
But he dug too deep, now he's burning churning 'round.

Dreams of my past:
Saw my dad at the corner drug,
Buying Oxycontin from a man wearin' a thong.
Haha... Yes,
A pink one.

7. Rhinestone Leaf Blower
Like it was the Rhinestone on the block,
Like i was the man with my fiddy cocked, 
If I was only the one that I meant to be, 
Then I guess I wouldn't have to smoke trees, 
I guess I wouldn't have to blow leaves (for a livin'),
Yeah I'm on the block with the leaf blower, and I brought the extra clip:
Battery operated,
So I'm not askin' if I can use an outlet, 
It's more professional to have your own source of power.

8. No Where In Between (Limousine Driver)
Movin' 'cross the bay,
Just 100 ton of steel and man.
I cant wait to dip my toes in the sand,
I cant wait to for my feet to kiss land
I'm goin home to see my baby:
She's gotta be waitin at the docks
When the ship comes in:
The majesty's navy,
Last stop
Scannin' the crowds,
Wheres my lady
Thinkin' shes hidin',
is she gonna pop out?
A suprise:
A limousine ride:
By and by
Ridin' high.
She'd rent it out,
Wouldn't cost much more than a dollar:
She's knows a guy, he's a limousine driver...

Wait a second, where's my baby?
She never showed up, So i took a taxi home.
Strangers in our apartment
And they told me:
The last tenant moved down to Miami.
Somethin' about a limousine driver
Takin my baby for a ride on my dime,
You see, 'cause I left her all my money.
And when i went to the bank,
They told me she cashed out our joint account

I'm goin insane,
So I bought some heroin on credit.
Shot it up and now I'm in heaven:
Cloud to cloud, searchin' for my baby.
Near and far, I'm no where in between.

9. A Mountain So High, A Range So Wide
Nobody wants to go up a mountain that's so high.
I mean, I don't feel the time.
Do what you want me to:
I don't wanna know nobody that's so hopeless.

And I don't wanna go around no range that's so wide.

10. She Rested Full of Laughter
And after the rain,
The light lifted clouds of green.
And God she spoke with a tongue the length of the Nile.
She spans all of the Atlantic now,
And now she rests full of laughter, full of life... Stolen from underneath your seat.

To be heard,
To be murdered,
To be a man or a turd.
I choose the one who denies the belly-up beast.
He's got a meal ticket, you aint got grammar school,
Let alone a choice to make.

And when the rain came,
it washed clean the brain.
And then it stopped.
Dried out and refracted: Our lives were forever changed.
And she didn't offer any forgiveness, 
No, just the truth
For our own interpretation: 
Well, we went down to the shore and we rode the waves down.

He came down from Mississippi,
He knows a man down in New Orleans,
He'll install one in your body for damn dirty cheap.
Yeah, damn near free.
And he came with a wallet for a brain,
Pictures and cash hanging out and he's walkin' with a cane,
That he got from Kane.

And the light lifted and the clouds of green dissipated,
And God she spoke with a tongue the size of the Nile.
Spanning all of the Atlantic now, 
She rested full of laughter, full of peace.

11. Yugoclavakian Dance

12. Echo Out His Vest
Shot 'em in the vest
Parents put 'em down
Echo out his vest...
Echo out his vest...
Echo out his vest...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dream Steam lyrics

This album can be found here.

1. In the Winter (Iowa/Canada) 
Took a drive down to Iowa
Bought myself a new t-shirt
Took a drive back up to Canada
So me and pals can get drunk,

I heard him walk down the stairs
He said, "Four more minutes then I'll be out,
I'll be out in four more.
Just wait by the door."
And in the winter...
Four more minutes until.

2. Cornbread
That's right,
Mama's in the kitchen...
Papa's in the garage...
Brother's watchin' TV...
Sister's downstairs gettin' ready for a big date...

Mama's in the kitchen cookin' some cornbread,
(Cuz we gotta eat.)
Papa's in the garage, he's fixin' up the car,
(Cuz we gotta drive down the mother fuckin' street.)

3. Cornfield
If that's what you meant...
I met a dog halfway through a cornfield
What a way...

4. Jesus Stopped Me at the Door
It's floodin' up from the basement
It's leakin' down from the attic
An' I turned around to go,
but I was stopped there at the door

Jesus stopped me at the door,
He said, "Son we gotta talk.
Like I was your pa,
Like you were supposed to listen to me."

I said, "Okay,"
and, "I'll take a seat,
I'll listen to the spiel
A long time no,
I'll give you 5 minutes."
That's about how long you got.
You see,
They're floodin' up from your basement
An' I'm leakin' down from your attic, ya dick.
I got no choice but I gotta leave.

5. Xylophone Tent
Here they come...
One by one, here they come.
Again and again and they don't stop.

Here they come again,
No, gone once again,
On the road:
The same one you left on,
But you didn't turn around
and forgot the direction you came in.

6. Lost 'em
Swalled 'em
Lost 'em

7.  Washed Up
Time to know when you left out that door.
People left you on the outside with a glass in your hand.
Nobody knows where you went to.
Everybody's down by the docks
Everybody's lookin' for your body to wash up
like the rest of them.

Lost 'em

8. Small Town Time Machine
I came out that time machine,
Man, I was high as I'd ever be.
I was down on my two knees,
I was prayin' to some guy named Jesus.
He was sayin' stuff to me,
You see, he was speakin' things.
In the general sense,
I mean, he told me how to be.

If you know what that means,
Well then, I know.
It was all written before: I took it off the page and said that's what he said.
'Cuz no one believes me: I can't write my own.

Marchin' down the street it's only me,
And a heard of goats-
You see, they've been followin' close.
They came off the side of the mountain
from the countryside-
You see, I was out there late at night.
Took me all day just to get in the city,
and it's night again,
but those stars I don't see.

How am I supposed to direct these streets?
They're labeled east and west, north and south,
But that don't mean I know where it leads.

9. Thin White Skin
Let me get it,
Let me hit it. 
In your father's pickup bed,
Spread the hay out.
And we'll spend the day,
Just layin' out.
In the Sun or in the barn,
Slide off your cut-offs.
I'll take it slow,
If you want me to.
Just please baby, tell me this is new to you.

An' when your parents get back,
We'll have our warning sign.
The crunch of the gravel road.
The howl of your ol' dog.
Just hope your not too loud,
but I really hope you are.

An' late at night,
We can view the stars.
Just starin' out dreamin',
like we're stuck in the sky,
like we're floatin' past the moon,
floatin' deep into...

Gravity can't hold us down,
We've achieved much more.
An' I can't taste that pig shit.
No, I've forgotten where we are.
The torn off roof
In the dilapidated barn.
On your father's pickup bed,
We were layin' in the hay.
That's all there was to our night and day.

An' I can feel your hate,
Feels so perfect.
Just makin' it way past second base.
An' on the drive home,
I'm feelin' like a man.
I could die, I could flip this car
Land right on a privileged child
An' I won't feel bad for crushin him.
'Cuz my head's in the nebula and I'm lovin' it.
Wishful memory of your thin white skin.
..And we've lain in the hay.
That's all there was to our night and day.
That's all there is to my night and day.

10. Rapid Fire Thunder
People come runnin' at the sound of a drum,
They're all mowed down by a man with a gun.
It was a while, before they could calm down.
But the path he took was a righteous one.
After all, he was born to Jesus Christ.

He consented to the crime,
Glorified life taken out to die.
The dissipation ate my country alive.

Mad fucks on them gravel roads:
They're crunchin' munchin' on some human bones.
They took comfort, then they sold the soul
Time to go, Time to eat
Time to organize life's defeat.

20 minutes left to tic off the clock.
With each minute that passes, there's a boat that docks.
Space ain't got no port- you see,
I need a portal hole from this icey sea.

Time wouldn't believe,
I'm goin' under at the sound of thunder.

10. The Rain Will Wash Your Feet
Oh baby,
Never wanna see all those Russian pretty feet,
Just a-comin' down the street.

Bleedin' through the cracks in your feet,
On the street, pourin' up through the concrete.

Oh, bloody bloody feet,
Where's it comin' from?

Bloody bloody shoes,
I didn't go to school today.
Found somethin' better to do,
An' I went and saw you.
Skippin' down the street,
Runnin' from the police.
Blood drippin' down your feet.

Had to do the whole thing,
Sorry didn't save any.
Actually, it's quite impossible
to feel sorry.
'Cuz I'm fucked up back on Tuesday.
An' I'm layin' on the lawn,
Tryin' to find my phone.
Oh no,
I hear it comin' from the ground.

Had to do the whole thing,
Sorry I didn't save it for you.

12. Time to Sleep
Time to go.
An' there's a time to eat,
But right now its time to leave.
Like you were given a choice of what to do.
You didn't know what to do.

Took it what it was,
Brought it down,
Told your family it was now yours.

Time to go.
An' there's a time to eat,
But right now, it's time to sleep.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Damn Cats/Fuckin' Rats lyrics

This album can be found here.

1. The Spring Drain

2. Caribbean Love/Jungle Beaver
Shit breathin'
Air steamin'
Nobody left on the ground
They picked up the bodies last week
So, if you came to claim one
You can find 'em at the city dump

Oh my Caribbean Queen,
Were you taken by the fiends?

Oh, but the Jungle Beaver told me different.
He said, "You're not gonna find love at the city dump,
where there's too many places to shovel."

3. Blessed to be Free
Got my check and I cashed it
Put the money in a bag and burned it up
In a dumpster round back

So I couldn't pay rent
So I couldn't even eat
So they said, I'd be free
Now I'm behind on every kind of payment
Now I couldn't buy my girl that ring
Guess that'd be alright
I guess that'd be just fine

Cuz at least we're free
At least we're free
No but that's not true
Cuz she left me on my knee
I guess she couldn't see the imaginary ring
Or that imaginary life I had dreamed.

Guess it's back to work
Guess it's back to hell
Grew up to forget?
No I grew up and I knew
Oh I grew up and I knew I'd never be free
Oh, that's just the way...

4. Down in the Apple Bin
Down in the Apple Bin,
Have you ever been?

Down in the Apple Bin
George fell in,
Never gonna get him out again.

Said, George fell in
and we'll never see his face again
Better said once your dead.

Snake slithers up
through the weeds
from hell, he gave you all your needs
like hell, I ain't gonna breathe.

5. Steppin' off the Cross ain't Easy
I got a new one
It's all the same to me
and i watched em bleed
out the eyes of the jacks
and thats when I laughed
In a motha fuckin' ball
on the ground
(that's me)
Bleeding on my knees
I said, "I picked up all those things."

It's not that hard to see
Jimmi came home today
bought me a bucket full of grades
I said thank you I'll hang them up on my tree
Fo I get back
Jimmi gonna have to crack a skull
And it gonna be Today

And if he's not around then I know
And when he gets home they didn't call it pain
And jimmi held em down but he got away

But Jimmi came home eventually blind
Come back just to get a face
just to get it on

Jimmi came back from the marines gay
Didn't know it was in him, he just told me I'd have to pay
Well when jesus stepped off the cross he had a cain
Solved to help him to walk then i guess he had to pay

When jimmi came home that motha fucka didn't even have a face
he had to get a new one from the doctor
and you know he had to pay
Reconstructive surgery put his face together, made Jimmi look like a saint

6. Be Alone Too
So much time drippin' down my knees
No one believes, No one does see

I can't even dream to save my own
No, I'm like a beast that swallows dreams whole

Creeps in the dark
Left it alone
So possibly, you could be alone too

7. Bleedin' on Your Memories/Slippin' on Your Every Need
Smoke goes in my lungs and out the exit wound.

A New York strip on the ferris wheel
If life were a ride, I guess this'd be the last time.

8. A Man Crawling
Oh, you lost your breath
deep in your thought;
It couldn't have already come out.
So your thinkin' once again -
I mean still - It's never gonna be alright,

But you still sing it out
like you forgot how to speak;
its not that easy while you think.
You gotta go like a carriage on the road
the many places you'll never go

Ridin' away - horse drawn sink
below your feet
theres a man crawlin out
his eyes are like mine but they cant decide
who's really alive?

Deep in your thought
its entered in your deep freeze
Yeah locked in the locker now
you gotta find a key
and any which one will do.
It's just how much time they give you.

9. Doin' Business in a Black Suit   
Bury 'em Deep,
So he couldn't sing.
At least so I couldn't hear a thing.
Take his grave and cover it in dirt.
Take his grave and drown 'em in the dirt.

Timmi came home today...
Timmi gone, Timmi don't, The Tim bone
But it's too late now,
He's underneath your feet
Where you stompin'
What you been lookin' to do.
Well I took his body and I chopped it up fine
Can't let his parents know,
I don't wanna see them cry.

No need for that,
I seen it before
When I took my baseball bat to their dog.
Shouldn't been poopin' in my lawn.
That dog -had it comin'.
Shoulda had 'em on a leash.
That kid wasn't any better.
Drivin' his car late at night:

Took the muffler off so it'd sound like a scooter-mobile,
I mean like a hearse rollin' through the dirt.
He's rollin' through the dirt.
No ones left but his grandma now.
Took his momma and daddy out back.
They didn't know how to raise that boy so I taught 'em how.
Chop 'em up in tiny pieces and bury 'em underneath your feet.
They couldn't take it so I had to make 'em join 'em.

10. Sighing on the Sidewalk
Here he comes now,
Your new boyfriend.
Walkin' down the street,
I just happened to pass him.
Well, I slipped out my pocket knife
and I slit his left wrist.

Oh baby,
It don't hafta be like this
We could of built a home,
Me and you alone.

Here he comes now,
Just a-skippin' down the street,
Walkin' over me.
You're holdin' hands.

11. Visitin' Uncle Lou

12. Rain Stains on you Notebook

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